MOHURD Calls For Energy Conservation

Recently held a press conference at the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Construction standard fixed melting deputy director Yang said the Ministry of Construction is preparing the complete production process of industrial buildings and energy efficiency design standards. Have been introduced in addition to iron and steel, cement, non-ferrous metals industries, electronic engineering, wood processing industry, oil processing industry, coal industry, construction ceramics, glass manufacturing industry production process energy efficiency design standards are being developed.

This is the second National Development and Reform Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry respectively, from the industrial access, credit, land of high energy consumption, high pollution industry, investment implementation suppression policy, a new austerity measures. The entire industrial sector energy consumption accounts for over 70% of energy consumption.

Ministry of Construction promulgated the policy is therefore to adapt the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of the energy saving needs. Accordance with the national "Eleventh Five-Year" plan, the construction industry needs to save 110 million tons of standard coal to achieve the goal. According to the reporter, the current construction industry for the entire energy consumption of energy consumption to 27.5 percent. To this end, the Ministry of Construction urged all localities to civil needs new energy saving 50%. A few areas, such as Beijing, civil require 65% energy saving. However, in public buildings and industrial building energy standards still being developed and perfected.

According to the Ministry of Construction predicts that by 2020, the country will add about 30 billion square meters all kinds of buildings. But from the existing building situation, despite the large number of standards have been released, a basic system for civil energy efficiency standards, a comprehensive industrial buildings and started production of energy-saving design standard-setting process, the comprehensive utilization of energy resources and revision of standards is also conduct, but some places do not perform well on energy saving measures.

Secretary, Ministry of Construction standard fixed

Chen Zhong pointed out that in the process of checking found "under review is a set of drawings, the actual construction is another set of drawings", and therefore need to continue to strengthen supervision of the implementation of construction standards efforts, "the implementation of mandatory standards simply reverse the situation is not optimistic."

The Ministry of Construction in 2005 and 2006, according to a survey in 2005 in 35 cities 280 under construction, 30 in violation of mandatory building energy efficiency standards. 2006 survey of 57 cities to build 610 projects, of which 58 projects violate mandatory building energy efficiency standards.

Chen Zhong said in the past violated the standards, enforcement of this book only made the situation needs to be reversed, "mandatory standards need to enforce."