Energy-saving Emission Reduction Actions

1st September, 17 central departments jointly organized the "energy-saving emission reduction actions," a series of activities was held today at the Beijing Great Hall of the launching ceremony, the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Zeng attended and spoke. Zeng stressed that energy conservation for sustainable economic and social development, relations vital interests of the masses, the need to mobilize all the people, from now on, starting from scratch, every family of every citizen to become the conscious action of each unit.

Zeng said that the reform and opening up, our country for nearly 30 years, developed a century gone industrialization, urbanization, into a well-off society in general, but also pay a larger economic development of resources and environment costs. National "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" put forward a binding emission reduction targets, this year, the State Council issued a comprehensive energy conservation program of work, which is comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development an important measure to accelerate the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly social significance.

Zeng pointed out that more than a year, the national energy saving achieved initial success. In the first half, the unit GDP energy consumption fell 2.8 percent, sulfur dioxide emissions by 0.88%, an increase of COD emissions dropped 0.76 percentage points. However, the current situation is still grim energy conservation requires more effort, first, to strengthen policy guidance. Improve and implement relevant policies and measures to create an enabling institutional mechanisms for energy saving. Second is to increase scientific and technological support. Promote the use of energy saving technology, with advanced production capacity instead of backward production capacity. Third is to encourage corporate actions. Give full play the main role in energy conservation, strengthen production management, compliance with laws and regulations. Fourth, the government to take the lead. Efforts to build a conservation-oriented agencies, lead the whole society to form good habits. Five is to mobilize the masses to participate. Starting from the side, from the trivial, participation and support of the whole society saving emission reduction actions. Six is ​​to strengthen public opinion. News organizations to criticize backward, recognition of advanced, energy saving new typical propaganda, new ideas, new mechanisms and new methods.

"Energy-saving emission reduction actions," including the family community action, youth actions, corporate actions, school action, action barracks, government agencies act, technology operations, science operations, media operations and other nine special action by the National Development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the National Federation of Trade Unions, Communist Youth League Central, the National Women's Federation, China Association for Science, PLA General Logistics Department, the NPC Standing Committee General Office of the CPPCC National Committee, the Ministry of Finance, the SASAC, SEPA , the Central Civilization Office, the National Authority and the straight Authority 17 departments nationwide.

Launching ceremony, the person in charge of relevant departments to promote energy conservation of the specific ideas and measures, issued the "energy situation report", "saving public awareness survey," and to send the audience of the "universal energy saving Action Guide, "" national energy saving tips "and other brochures. CCTV was broadcast live.

Jiang Zhenghua, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, CPPCC Vice Chairman Li Meng attended the launching ceremony.