Follow the Example of Huawei

We are Busway industry of private enterprises, private enterprises to do a lot of busbar, each private enterprises and are not the same. Over the years, we as a rising star in the industry (the birthplace of the earliest Busway Jiangsu Zhenjiang, where, many private enterprises since the eighties of last century began production and sales of Busway; while our low voltage switchgear as entrepreneurship beginning of the product, product diversification, often difficult to achieve professional quality. since the beginning of this century, namely in 2001, we began to specialized production Busway, and established its own R & D departments to seriously study abroad The busbar technology, raw materials from the technical structure and painstaking research over the years, our industry has the most patents and technology into products, through trial and national laboratories Zimo third-party certification testing, post-marketing , excellent technology and quality by many users trust and affirmation.) and a step by step development today, we have always to advanced enterprise, learn advanced model of sustainable development, from beginning to recognize their own, to plan themselves, and thus in order to too rapid development of enterprises.

Should learn what to Huawei?

First, as you want to focus as Huawei.

Huawei's success lies in its focus on its core business focus is reflected in the firm.

Over the years, Huawei always stick to their principles and not others, such as real estate and other sectors of the temptation of high profits, the courage to put all your eggs in one basket, agents will make all the money earned into R & D, with "I have only failed jump" (Ren language) courage and boldness, go independent research and development, technical independence of the road, and insisted on not less than 10% of the cost of sales revenue into research and development to go.

Core business focus, the achievements of Huawei's career.

Second, as to the rules to be like Huawei.

A business, when the company is small, it is the boss; when big companies when it becomes social.

Why? Because the company is small, like a naive child, naughty, misbehave, people will not care about you too much; But when you grow up, you will be subject to legal and moral constraints.

Enterprises are small, you utilized social resources (including human resources, of course) very little impact is not small; And when big companies, you will consume, spend a lot of social resources, you To ensure the full utilization of these resources and development, this time, it is not just your personal problem. This is a business rule, do business must follow these rules.

Huawei rules, embodied in Huawei on society and the responsibilities and obligations of employees. Talk about corporate responsibility, nothing manifested in employees, shareholders, customers are so few, do a good job in these areas, it did social responsibility.

Third, to be like Huawei as geographically.

Today's society has changed from the past era came to an excess shortage economy economy era, the whole community is gradually moving towards a rational.

On corporate terms, the rational meaning contains three aspects: First, the rational operation of the enterprise, the second is the consumer (client) rationality, three partners is rational.

Rational extension of meaning, that is, the balance of interests of all parties concerned.

Only the formation of a community of interests, in order to form a community of destiny, which is the fundamental guarantee for the rapid development of Huawei, Huawei is also an important development experience.

Huawei rational grasp of enterprise operations, mainly reflected in the "established enterprise technology" development ideas, embodied in the never positioned itself into other areas, reflected in the "high wages is the first impetus" talent strategy, embodied in the "Huawei Basic Law" as the core content of the good corporate culture construction.

In the consumer's rational grasp, Huawei was first established, in the domestic telecommunications market to be "Seven eight systems" fully dominated occupation circumstances, Huawei to take "encircling the cities, and finally captured the city," the marketing strategy, and telecommunications departments around the joint venture, relying on the efforts of bits and pieces, from where competitors to snatch market because Huawei is clear, there is no benefit of cooperation will not last long; Huawei and Cisco as well as the final settlement of the confrontation, with the 3COM joint venture and cooperation, in the harbor on the company's acquisition of Beijing, reflects Huawei's competitors or partners rational grasp.

Huawei's rational, is also reflected in the basic attitude of employees by enterprises. "Huawei Basic Law" clearly states: Huawei vast majority of employees are willing to take responsibility and willingness to cooperate, is highly self-esteem and have a strong desire for success. Huawei's this assumption, fully affirmed the enterprise is a cooperative relationship between employees, rather than antagonistic relationship, which is the formation of a strong corporate Huawei centripetal force and team cohesion fundamental.

Four, to as low-key as Huawei.

Huawei is notoriously low-key.

19 years, Ren never accept any media interviews, for which he has been criticized by many media reporters, so anyone is average entrepreneur can not do.

Ren told employees: Country thing national regulatory, governmental things government control, we put enterprises to operate Haojiu Hang. He also warned staff: media media operation of the law itself, he says hello you like? We should quietly and do our own thing!

Business low-key, in fact, is the company's intrinsic cultural external reflection; life low-key, in fact, is the kind of Taizhiruoyu highest level.

Not fitted out a low-key, low-key takes courage, low-key internal do real needs.