Combat Counterfeiting

Recently, in north China, we gradually found that some unscrupulous manufacturers are counterfeit products of ours, so we call for all our new and old customers jointsing initiative to combat counterfeit products.

The series Busway developed by our company, had got national patents, for this situation, as it is confirmed that counterfeiting, We will initiate legal proceedings to these unscrupulous providers.

Attached: Schneider Electric's "fight against counterfeit"

In the fight against counterfeiting, everyone plays a pivotal role.

Economic impact
    Imitators without paying product development and safety certification costs, reasonable wages, taxes, VAT, which will result in:
  • Legitimate companies less profitable, lower wages, unemployment, the decline in growth.
  • Government taxes and the cost of worsening unemployment, Social Development Fund sharply.
Multiple risks
    For all market participants, the counterfeit products in terms of credibility, reliability and image, causing a significant impact. But the quality is still the main factor. In fact, counterfeit products do not meet international certification standards, the lack of quality control, so they are a serious threat, including:
  • Health and safety hazards.
  • Installation damages.
  • Does not provide any services and guarantees.

Addition, all operators are able to assume civil and criminal liability for its sale.

Security can not be emulated
    In the electrical field, the quality is not a luxury. Each installation process electronic component has an important role. If the component execution protection, control and monitoring functions, then it must be 100% reliable way to immediately perform its functions.
  • Imitations are generally made of cheap and unsafe materials (flammable plastics, electroplating poor ......).
  • Imitations reduce production costs, from the quality and safety standards and restrictions.
  • Imitations widespread imitation product appearance, lack of technological understanding.
Fight against counterfeit Schneider Electric's strategic axis
    We have a dedicated team in the local consolidate the implementation of this strategy. Through the following measures to try to stop all illegal acts, eradicate and eliminate all fake and shoddy products.
  • Through trademarks, patents, registered designs for product protection.
  • Counterfeit products on the market monitoring and tracking.
  • With partners to implement a strict policy.
  • With relevant government departments, professional group of institutions, establish and improve laws, regulations and standards.
  • Take the appropriate legal measures to strengthen our industrial property.
  • Communication activities to raise awareness of the law.
  • Establish and improve product development certification system.
In the fight counterfeiting, you play a vital role
    Through some simple tips, you can easily build a sense of responsibility, such as:
  • Avoid unbranded products.
  • Proper authorization from the manufacturer or distributor to purchase products.
  • Attention with non-normal trademarks.
  • Purchase only products with the original packaging, beware of vague product packaging and labeling.
  • Buy only certified electronic products.
  • Vigilance price.