Safety And Energy Saving Technology Breakthrough

Busway belong electricity transmission lines, choose the people most concerned about two aspects Busway:

① Safe use of electricity; ② Power loss.

Guangle link these two aspects of a comprehensive in-depth research and development, to achieve the aspirations of many projects.

First, safe use of electricity

Busway most prone to accidents for several reasons:

① Due to a short circuit caused by water or moisture problems; ② Short circuit due to overheating incidents; ③ Busway protection system is imperfect.

Statistics nationwide Busway engineering accident, due to water or moisture short circuit caused the accident is the largest, accounting for over 80% of total number of accidents, water or moisture according to technical standards in terms of IP protection grade is mainly is dustproof and waterproof performance. In most places busbar protection is IP54 or IP65, a fire sprinkler pipe or try to choose places IP65, try to use the open-air outdoor IP66, buried bus to use IP68, but many projects with these technical requirements is still out problem, because the structural design of products, processing technology and material selection will involve the ability to achieve the required degree of protection, some users of the busway because the safety performance can not identify, in addition some of 3C test trials for busbar protection class trials are trials without connector, making connector degree of protection not be guaranteed.

Guangle busway embarked on research and development center for busbar protection seal from the body structure and the length of the inner conductor insulation stereotypes, to the connection head sealing structure design improvements to ensure that the IP protection rating against dust, into the short circuit caused by water or moisture accident.

Short circuit due to overheating accidents also found a growing trend. Busway fever has several aspects: for example conductor current carrying capacity is small, low copper conductors, structural design is unreasonable, heat insulation and poor housing, and even processing problems can be caused by heat. About how to control the low temperature operation Busway Busway manufacturers should be required for each study subject, on this aspect of the problem can be found "Busway Limit Temperature Rise "

Guangle R & D center with a bus limit temperature rise test devices, each busbar specifications are required to do the test, both equipped with detection equipment to verify that the conductor conductivity and resistivity, to ensure the copper content, whenever the bus Slot Improvement Process Improvement little or materials that are required to do extreme temperature verification tests to ensure Busway can put into use in cryogenic safe operation.

Busway protection system has two aspects. One is the current accident evacuation, that can ensure the continuity of the protective conductor PE, see "Standard Of Busway Shell As A PE Line" , Guangle busway protection circuit continuity ≤ 0.007Ω, PE wire cross-sectional area is equivalent to 50% of the phase line to 200% (including connector jumper), shell accident voltage can achieve safe voltage, is the key to the safe use of busbar a. Another problem is the busway run protection, if installed busbar connection unstable or overload operation is very easy to heat, Guangle busway can be loaded busway protection system, the protection system in Busway than normal temperature alarm, reached the limit cut off the power when the temperature (temperature and over-temperature limit gap 20 ~ 30 ℃), so users need to worry about over-temperature heat busway run accidents. If the limit is reached when the temperature does not cut off the power, insulation materials will accelerate aging, may cause a short circuit, the actual operation of the load busbar perhaps never reach the limits of temperature rise, but over-temperature alarm, but the overhaul to ensure the busway safety Set protection system is still very necessary.

Second, the power loss

Guangle has focused on the busbar structure design, materials selection and development, and is equipped with extreme temperature test equipment to ensure that the Busway into use low temperature operation. Select the busbar temperature rise ≤ 55K, its power loss and voltage drop than the temperature rise ≤ 70K busway at least 20% to 40%; Guangle selection can be done conductor busbar temperature is lower than peers of similar products 10 ~ 30K, these are Guangle busway technology breakthrough for the country, and user resource conservation efforts made to reduce energy consumption!