GLMC-T/□-F Copper Conductor Compact Busway


GLMC-T/□-F Compact Busway is absorbed the advanced technology of similar foreign products design. Solving the shortcomings of traditional Busway, technical performance has reached domestic leading technical level of similar products, is the ideal product to replace imported products, is the best choice for most projects.

Busway shell made ​​of high quality aluminum alloy material pultrusion, beautiful appearance, light weight, corrosion resistance. Side heat sinks shape design, good thermal conductivity, excellent heat dissipation. Shell stiffness, high mechanical strength, can meet the large span of installation requirements.

Busway set intelligent monitoring device, system under control, ensure safe operation of the power supply system.

Fully enclosed structure, the shell sealing, protection grade IP65, can adapt to any adverse installation places. Shell as a grounding PE wire, more effective, more secure, lower temperature, less energy consumption, higher current carrying capacity, can greatly reduce the cost of investment.

Busway this series is mainly applied to power transmission and distribution systems for chemical industry, metallurgy, industrial and mining enterprises and stadiums, galleries, museums, airports, stations, office buildings and other public buildings and high-rise building.