GLMC-T/□-MR Minerals Fire-resisting Busway


With the development of technology and the improvement of people's living standards, China provides that fire-fighting equipment, emergency lighting, refuge floor lighting power transmission lines must be maintained the integrity of the line in a certain period of time on fire.

GLMC-T/□-MR Minerals Fire-resisting Busway used inorganic minerals as an insulating material which is resistant temperature reaches above 950 ℃. When temperature is 950 ℃, the fire-resisting time of busway is 180 minutes. Product performance accord GB7251.2-2006, GB/T19216.11-2003, GB/T19216.21-2003, GA/T537-2005, current range 160A ~ 6300A.

    The products are divided into two types:
  • limit temperature rise
  • Under temperature value according to the standard, busway can withstand full load rated current, temperature rise meet the standard values ​​of insulating materials, when the limit temperature rise

Usage: power transmission and distribution systems for fire pumps, fire fans, fire lifts, emergency lighting, broken hard floor lighting, generators and so on.