"CCDT" is recognized by the Chinese Committee on Conformity Assessment , approved by CNCA authorized laboratories and certification bodies .

National electric power distribution equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was founded in 1985, 1989 authorized the acceptance by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, China's electric power distribution equipment testing , inspection, product certification and product quality arbitration testing, product development and testing of the national the laboratory .Also CCDT is the most authoritative test of high frequency control equipment laboratory .

Machinery Quality Inspection Center is also small and medium sized hydropower equipment was founded in 1985, 1989, an export license by the State Administration of Commodity Inspection and acceptance testing laboratory authorized by , is the only " State Commodity Inspection Bureau accredited laboratory equipment for small and medium hydropower " and " export quality license testing unit ."

" Testing Center " are anchored in the Tianjin Institute of Electric Drive Design , Electrical Design Institute of China , Tianjin Machinery Industry Corporation , a wholly owned subsidiary , was established in 1954 , with many in the industry reputation of professional and technical personnel , including engineering and technical personnel more than 400 national experts in more than 20 provincial and ministerial level , with strong technical force , is the electric field distribution and electric transmission Institute , the National standards Committee , the National testing Center , the National electrical Engineering Research Center , Institute affiliated units .

" Testing Center " many times over the years has assumed low-voltage products, national technical supervision and checking of a unified national examination , arbitration detection, identification of new products , the national evaluation of AC variable speed device , small and medium sized hydro-electric power quality test equipment exports , 3C certification, CE mark certification, energy certification and testing a large number of commissioned work , the standard customization, modification and validation. At the same time provide a variety of technical services for enterprises , factories and colleagues conducted laboratory personnel training activities , test equipment, research and development work, has been welcomed and praised all walks of life .

" Testing Center " existing building area of ​​18,000 square meters, with senior engineers , engineers, more than 80 people , two kinds of advanced instruments and equipment more than 1,000 pieces (sets ), is the first created , the strongest technical strength . CCDT is a national key project , well-known laboratory of choice for enterprises , has undertaken a national space launch command center power distribution system acceptance , the main venue for the Olympic "Bird's Nest Project" and the power distribution equipment and other Olympic athletes apartment inspection , the NDRC energy transmission center promotion of energy-saving products inspection ; Germany's Siemens electric Ltd., Japan's Furukawa electric Co., Ltd. and other internationally renowned French company Schneider 's long-term cooperation with us , to do product development , validation testing. Been a matter of praise and trust , with high visibility and high reputation.

As the need for the development of Tianjin Electric Drive Design Institute will be under the "two testing organizations ' integration as " Tianjin fat distribution and testing of electronic control devices , " in August 1999 by China National Accreditation Board site review approval. And completion of an independent career in Tianjin legal registration , to obtain independent legal certificate. In early 2003, "Tianjin fat distribution and testing of electronic control equipment" to the state commission designated as low-voltage product 3C certification laboratory.

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